Children's Vision

As a parent, your child’s well-being is your top priority. That’s why at Concord Eyecare, we prioritise children’s eye care and aim to provide the best vision for their learning and development. We have a special interest in children’s eye tests and the dispensing of children’s glasses and contact lenses.

Our visual system brings us great information about our world – 80% of learning happens through our eyes. We inspect, discriminate, identify and interpret the world mainly with our eyes and brain. Children who are experiencing difficulty learning to read and write or concentrate in the classroom may be struggling with a vision problem.

Behavioural optometry is part of our holistic approach to vision at Concord Eye Care. It focuses on the relationship between the visual system and the brain, and how it affects a person’s ability to process visual information and perform daily tasks.

When our visual system is not functioning at its optimum, this affects our ability to process information and can result in significant performance loss at school, work and sport. Headaches, fluctuating vision, blurry vision, double vision, tired eyes or learning difficulties can be helped with vision training, stress-relieving glasses, special lens coatings and designs and better visual and lifestyle habits.

In cases where intensive vision therapy programs are required, referrals are made to our associate, behavioural optometrist Dr Jennifer Chea, who will pay particular attention to visual skills such as eye tracking, eye teaming, eye focusing and visual perception. Through vision therapy, your child is able to develop and refine vision skills that are key to helping them realise their potential at school and in other activities such as music and sport.

Children's Vision