Vision is the key to a child’s overall  development. Did you know that more than 80% of the information your child receives about the world comes through their eyes? It’s an amazing fact and it really does demonstrate the importance of maintaining great eye health from a very early age.

When is the right time for my child’s first eye examination?

We recommend your child’s first eye examination take place at around 3 years of age, followed by another examination just prior to starting school. Then once in school, your child should have regular eye examinations by an optometrist at 2-3 yearly intervals. Some schools offer school vision screening and while this may alert you to your child’s potential vision problem, it does not replace a comprehensive eye examination. The processes involved in a child’s visual system are complex and our highly experienced optometrists at Concord Eye Care can tackle any vision issues without delay. Early intervention is crucial and we are always available to discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s vision.

What happens during my child’s eye examination?

  • We’ll take a detailed history and discuss any current symptoms
  • We’ll test your child’s visual acuity – how well they see. We can do this in a number of ways, including using pictures, numbers or letters depending on their age and literacy level.
  • We’ll check focusing, tracking, coordination, depth perception and other visual skills.
  • We’ll measure your child’s eyes to determine any optical correction needed. This measurement is their prescription for glasses if required.
  • We’ll discuss any additional visual therapy or vision exercises to assist your child’s vision and learning.
  • We’ll discuss the importance of healthy eating with a focus on eye-healthy foods
  • We’ll give you and your child advice on developing good visual habits to keep their eyes performing at their very best now and into the future!

Is an eye examination scary for my child?

No. At Concord Eye Care, our skilled optometrists have decades of experience caring for children’s eyes and we know how important it is to make that first eye test positive and fun! It will take around 30 minutes.

As the consultation room has to be darkened, it is always reassuring to have Mum, Dad or a special carer in the consulting room.

If your child requires dilating eye drops, we will generally get you to make a follow up appointment to minimise any discomfort on that first visit.