Dry Eye Syndrome is an uncomfortable and debilitating eye condition and it has many facets and many different symptoms. With a holistic approach to treatment, Concord Eye Care can help you manage and minimise your symptoms with a range of natural products.

What causes dry eye syndrome?

Environmental factors such as the seasons, air conditioning and heating, outdoor sport and too much computer and digital device use are the most common culprits for eyes that are feeling scratchy, looking red and being quite watery (yes, that’s part of dry eye!).
Some prescription medications can cause dry eye and for women, the hormonal changes of pregnancy and menopause may also contribute. As we age, our eyes don’t produce as much tear film and this also leads to dry eye syndrome especially in the over 65’s. Other causes of dry eye syndrome include blepharitis (an inflammation of the eyelids) and medical conditions such as arthritis and diabetes.

How is it treated?

We recommend a thorough eye health assessment at Concord Eye Care to professionally diagnose dry eye syndrome. We will holistically look at the lifestyle factors contributing to your dry eye symptoms and will advise you on the best way forward to manage your symptoms through a range of our speciality dry eye products.

Our dry eye products include:

  • Oculocin Propo eye drops – naturally anti-bacterial with propolis, aloe vera and chamomile, They contain no antibiotics or preservatives.
  • Double-sided Bruder heat eye compress – to improve Meibomian oil gland function and assist in naturally lubricating the eyes to help reduce dryness associated with blepharitis
  • Blephadex Tea Tree Oil Wipes – soothing for dry eyes, blepharitis, infections and inflammation.

* Dry Eye masks for sleep – great for keeping the moisture in overnight.

These products can be ordered in store or through our online shop.